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Is a brain injury enough to qualify for Social Security?

You were in an accident and you suffered a serious brain injury. It's changed your life forever. Now, you don't believe you can ever work again and you're thinking about applying for Social Security disability payments. Are you going to qualify?

Making sense of hedonic damages

When it comes to the term "hedonic damages," it refers to economic compensation the victim of an accident can lay claim to for the loss of pleasure associated with remaining alive. When it comes to waging a claim for compensation for this type of damage, victims are required to provide proof of their affliction, evidence that is later evaluated using an objective standard.

Compensation goes beyond your medical bills

Another driver runs a red light, hits your car, and puts you in the hospital with serious injuries. Already, you know you may have a right to compensation for the instant medical bills that are accumulating. While that's a good place to start, you should know that you might also be able to get compensation for losses that go far beyond those bills.

ER errors can leave patients with permanent disabilities

Like every other state, Ohio emergency rooms are often organized chaos. Despite the efforts of the personnel who work in this environment, mistakes happen. When they do, patients can be left with permanent disabilities or could even die.

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