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Be wary of these 6 summer roadway dangers

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Car Accidents

Most drivers look forward to the summer, because they can put the hazards of winter behind them for a while — but summer may actually be deceptively dangerous when it comes to roadway safety.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the two deadliest months of the year for drivers are July and August.

What makes summer driving so dangerous?

— Inexperienced drivers

It’s no coincidence that July and August are also the deadliest months for teenage drivers, specifically. Since school is out, teens have more time to travel around and many are still relatively inexperienced, increasing the odds they’ll be in an accident.

— Congested roadways

Evenings and weekends are also more dangerous in the summer. There are a lot of concerts, fairs and festivals scheduled in the summer. The attendees increase road traffic, which automatically increases the chances of an accident. There are also a lot of people on vacation in the summer, so if you live near a tourist destination, you may find your risk exponentially higher.

— Construction hazards

If you live in an area where the orange traffic cone is the first sign of spring, you know that construction zones are uniquely dangerous. Unfortunately, not every driver slows down like they should.

— Increased competition

You may face increased competition for space on the road. The nice weather brings out bicycle riders and motorcyclists in droves — and many may have rusty road skills if they haven’t ridden since last summer.

— Foul weather

Some drivers who are incredibly careful on the road at the first sign of snow don’t think twice about driving through heavy rain. However, a car can easily lose traction in an inch or two of water and end up hydroplaning out of control.

— Tire blowouts

Tire blowouts, which can send one car careening into another on the highway, are common in summer. The heat causes the air inside of a tire to expand, which puts pressure on the tire’s walls. If a car’s tires are a little too worn, a blowout can occur.

Being conscious of summer driving dangers can make it easier to avoid them, but accidents can still happen. If you’re injured due to another driver’s negligence, consider talking to an attorney. For information on how our firm can help you recover damages after a car accident, please visit our web pages on the topic.