Month: November 2017

Ohio to target high-crash roads

Ohio changed the speed limit of a number of its highways from 65 mph to 70 mph back in 2013. Now, state officials are considering changing some of those roads back to the reduced speed. A recent report indicates that there has been an uptick of 24 percent in the number of crashes on the roads that have the increased speed limit -- even though the difference is only five miles per hour. In addition, there's been a 22 percent increase in fatal crashes as well on the same roads. Given the results of the study, the state already has plans to focus additional patrol efforts on three sections of...

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Driving in Amish country: Be wary of uncommon dangers

Ohio is uniquely situated in this country physically, putting it right in the center of some of the most diverse traffic in the country. Ohio sees everything from big rigs traveling to and from the coasts to the Amish drivers in their horse-drawn buggies. The Amish, in particular, pose dangers that many drivers simply aren't prepared to handle. At this time of year, in particular, Ohioans tend to head into Amish country looking for unusual and handmade gifts; however, they aren't always ready for their encounters with the Amish on the road. Every year, that leads to unnecessary tragedies. If...

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The most commonly misdiagnosed cancers

A missed or delayed cancer diagnosis not only means that you may have to endure harder, more aggressive treatments than you would have if the disease had been spotted earlier, it also means that your chances of survival are diminished. Information is your best weapon against medical malpractice -- which is why knowing how some of the most common cancers are overlooked can help you avoid becoming a victim: 1. Skin cancer It's tragic to die from skin cancer these days because the survival rate is 98 percent when the cancer is detected early. Once it reaches the lymph nodes, survival drops to...

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These are the top causes of truck accidents

If you drive in the Mansfield and Sandusky, OH area, you have probably found yourself riding next to, in front of, or behind a large commercial truck or semi. Big rigs and delivery trucks come with a set of unique hazards that can make the roadways more dangerous for smaller passenger vehicles. While many of these truck drivers have participated in training programs and are aware of the dangers, many people operating passenger cars and trucks have no idea about some of the hazards. By taking the time to learn more about common causes of truck accidents, you can reduce your risk for an...

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Cheerleaders face catastrophic injuries all the time

Cheerleaders used to do little more than shake pom-poms and make up chants to raise the level of excitement for the crowd during lulls in a football game. Gradually, the stunts cheerleaders performed became their own show, and cheerleading has now evolved into a dangerous athletic activity for many of the young women involved. Perhaps not too surprisingly, cheerleading was once a masculine activity that started out in upscale schools. Women didn't start taking over the role until the same time they were pushed into many other traditionally-masculine roles. This change happened in the 1940s...

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