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These are the top causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Blog

If you drive in the Mansfield and Sandusky, OH area, you have probably found yourself riding next to, in front of, or behind a large commercial truck or semi. Big rigs and delivery trucks come with a set of unique hazards that can make the roadways more dangerous for smaller passenger vehicles. While many of these truck drivers have participated in training programs and are aware of the dangers, many people operating passenger cars and trucks have no idea about some of the hazards.

By taking the time to learn more about common causes of truck accidents, you can reduce your risk for an accident with a large commercial delivery truck or semi. Read further to find some circumstances that contribute to truck accidents.

Accidents caused by other drivers

Many truck accidents occur because of the actions of passenger vehicles on the road. The main reason for this is that many other drivers do not fully understand the limits and capabilities of these large trucks. For example, semis need much more room to come to a stop than a sedan does. This means that if a passenger vehicle moves in front of a semi and suddenly hits the brakes, the truck may not be able to slow down enough to avoid a collision.

Other mistakes that passenger vehicles make include riding in a truck’s blind spot, misjudging a truck’s speed at an intersection, improper merging and not accounting for cross-winds when passing. In other words, it is important for individuals operating passenger vehicles to keep in mind that they have to act more cautiously when in the vicinity of large commercial trucks.

Accidents caused by commercial drivers

While other vehicles can cause a truck accident, so can the commercial drivers that operate these large trucks. For example, if a driver does not sufficiently training when it comes to technique, safety and defensive driving skills, then an accident is likely to occur. The demanding schedules of these drivers can also contribute to accidents. Many companies operate with very tight schedules that can lead a driver to skimp on sleep or speed, and these actions can easily lead to tragic accidents.

By understanding the dangers that come with sharing the road with semis and other large commercial vehicles, you can reduce your chances of becoming involved in an accident with a truck. However, you cannot always avoid the dangerous actions of the commercial drivers. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, you might be able to file a claim for damages.