Month: March 2018

How to spot a distracted driver in Mansfield and Sandusky, OH

Distracted driving continues to be a problem on the roads of Ohio even as law enforcement officials continue to crack down on the various offenses. Distracted drivers can cause some of the most tragic accidents in Mansfield and Sandusky, OH. Even though you might be a safe driver who does not let distractions bother them, you cannot guarantee that the other drivers around you are the same. Here's how to spot distracted drivers in Ohio. One of the biggest things you need to look for when trying to spot a distracted driver is how well he or she stays in his or her lane. Drivers who continue to...

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Research predicts how patients with spinal injuries will recover

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that human beings can suffer and live -- and the consequences can last a lifetime. One of the biggest problems victims face is the neurodegenerative changes they end up suffering in future years. Those changes can end up weakening their muscles, creating more problems for victims as time passes. Unfortunately, how bad those changes will eventually be has always been a matter of guesswork. Now, doctors may be able to better predict a patient's long-term recovery -- and the type of neurodegenerative problems they may face -- thanks...

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Aviation accidents: Answers to top legal questions

Aviation accidents often make big news because they're relatively rare but almost always involve a tremendous loss of life. Because they're uncommon, many people don't know much about their legal rights after an aviation accident has claimed the life of their loved ones. If you've experienced this kind of heartbreaking loss, here are the answers to some of the most important questions you may have. Can you sue over the death of a loved one in an aviation accident? Quite often, yes. There will be a thorough investigation into the accident by the authorities to try to determine the cause of...

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The dangers of a mental health misdiagnosis

Mental illness is a serious problems for Americans. Around one out of every 25 people in the country suffers from a severe mental condition in any given year. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the help that they need. Mental diseases like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and severe clinical depression can be easily misdiagnosed or missed entirely. For example, studies have indicated that general practitioners misdiagnosed people with depression quite often. Over half of the people they diagnose with depression don't actually have the disorder. On the other hand, bipolar patients often struggle...

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Justice for a distracted driving injury in Ohio

Anybody can be injured in a crash that was no fault of one's own. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done when it comes to preventing accidents that are caused by reckless, negligent or distracted drivers. Therefore, it can be heartbreaking to have to suffer serious injuries as a result. If you have been involved in an accident that you believe was caused by a distracted driver, there are many emotions that you are likely to feel. These may include anger, frustration and you may even experience depression. This can be even more difficult if your insurance company is failing to...

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Women: Be aware of heart attack symptoms

Women who have heart attacks are more likely than men to die of their condition -- mostly because they and their doctors don't realize what is happening until it's too late. While medical professionals have known for a while that women often experience different symptoms of heart attack than men, a recent study indicates that over half of the doctors treating women for heart attacks don't even recognize those symptoms. That means women are at a significantly-greater risk of being misdiagnosed with something other than a heart attack when they first seek care. All too often, that misdiagnosis...

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