Month: April 2018

Injuries and deaths on road crews

A lot of people say that the first sign of spring is not the robin -- it's road construction. A lot of road crews kick into high gear as soon as the bad weather starts to lift. Unfortunately, drivers are often unprepared for the sudden interruptions in their routes. The workers on the road crews may also be a little unprepared to face the hazards of their profession after a winter break. Both of those factors can lead to serious, even fatal, accidents. If your loved one is injured or killed while working on a road crew, you should be asking the following questions: Did he or she have the...

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The risk of a pulmonary embolism: What you need to know

Pulmonary embolisms, or blood clots that can suddenly develop in a patient's lungs, are life-threatening emergencies. These clots interfere with the body's ability to remove carbon dioxide from its system and process oxygen. It can also block the blood flow from the heart to the lungs. Patients can develop severe difficulty breathing and -- if the clot is large enough -- even die. Sometimes, pulmonary embolisms strike without warning. Many times, however, there are risk factors that doctors can use to assess the possibility and early signs of a problem that can be detected. Prompt diagnosis...

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Drowsy driving is too dangerous to risk

How tired are you? If you're like most Americans, you're probably more tired than you should be. The distractions and demands of modern life make it almost impossible for a lot of people to get enough sleep -- which is a big problem for drivers. Drowsy driving is actually considered as dangerous as drunk driving. Sleep deprivation and intoxication affect the mind and body in similar ways. Both can affect your reaction times, your ability to focus and the clarity of your decisions. How do you know if you're driving drowsy? Here are some signals that you need to take a break: You find your...

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Why do people still drive while distracted?

If everyone knows that distracted driving is a problem, why does it keep happening? It turns out, that many drivers may essentially talk themselves into believing that only other drivers fall prey to distractions -- while justifying their own distracted behavior. How does that happen? It starts with a fairly common psychological fallacy. First of all, the majority of people -- an incredible 90 percent -- believe that they're better-than-average drivers. That's a statistical impossibility. The same psychological trick that makes people believe that they're better drivers than most other...

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Do you understand your right to a wrongful death claim in Ohio?

Losing an loved one unexpectedly can change your life abruptly. Many times, the practical considerations in the wake of such a loss are overwhelming. You have to worry about planning a funeral, memorial service cremation or burial. There are major costs associated with those social grieving rituals. From there, you will have to settle the estate of your loved one and attempt to adjust your household budget to survive without the income he or she generated for your family. Making a claim against the at-fault driver who cost a loved one his or her life may be the furthest thing from your mind...

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