Month: May 2018

Do you have these signs of kidney failure?

Kidney disease is a silent problem for a lot of Americans and goes hand-in-hand with two other major medical problems: diabetes and high blood pressure. In fact, about 14 percent of the general population suffers from chronic kidney disease and doesn't know it. Could you (and, more importantly, your doctor) be overlooking these slowly-manifesting signs of impending kidney failure? 1. A change in your need to urinate What's normal for you is what's important here. If you suddenly find yourself going to the bathroom all the time or not going hardly at all, that's a concern that should be...

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Was your Meniere’s a misdiagnosis?

Meniere's disease can be devastating to its victims. The symptoms of an acute attack can strike without warning, causing severe vertigo, nausea, vomiting, a high-pitched ringing in your ears and sudden deafness that can last for some time. The attacks can absolutely ruin victims' ability to work and wreck their lives in general. Sufferers frequently have to endure intensive dietary restrictions and lifestyle changes to try to control the disease. There are a few medications that can sometimes help the condition or be used to manage symptoms. If those don't work and attacks continue, patients...

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Ohio tries new approach to combat distracted drivers

Do you know a driver who is constantly checking his or her text messages while behind the wheel? Maybe you know someone who gets so distracted listening to a morning podcast that he or she has accidentally cut someone off in traffic? If so, you might want to give that person some warning that the Highway Patrol is watching for just that sort of thing -- especially along the nation's first "Safety Corridor." The section of highway that's been given that distinction is the part of Interstate 76 and Interstate 80 between State Routes 534 and 193 near Akron and Cuyahoga Falls. It's one of the...

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What rights do you have in Ohio after a dog bites you?

Dogs are often called "man's best friend" because they are loyal and devoted to the people who care for them. However, when dogs don't receive proper training, get abused or neglected or have issues unknown to their owners, they can pose a serious risk to the public. Even an otherwise friendly and sweet dog can snap without any notice, attacking and biting humans, often with serious medical consequences. The state of Ohio has very clear laws about dog bites and liability. Whether or not the dog has bitten anyone before, the owner is liable for any provable injuries and losses that result...

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Could a brain injury eventually lead to dementia?

Could an accident eventually lead to dementia? That's the indication from a psychiatric study that looked at 2.8 million patients for evidence that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) eventually lead to Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. Unfortunately for those who have suffered TBIs, it wasn't long before researchers found the connection they suspected was there. In fact, once all other variables were accounted for, just one TBI described as "mild" (like a concussion), raised the likelihood that the victim would eventually develop some form of dementia by as much as 17 percent....

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