Month: June 2018

How can you protect yourself from emergency room errors?

Ending up in a hospital's emergency room is never a great experience -- but there's an extra layer of stress added on top of the situation because you're forced into getting your care from an unfamiliar doctor. On top of that, emergency room doctors are often less-experienced than those in private practice -- and may be running on fumes in the middle of a long shift on the floor. All of those factors can lead to medical mistakes, including a missed or incorrect diagnosis. According to reports, around 100,000 people die in the United States each year due to preventable hospital errors. How do...

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Been in a car accident? Watch for hidden injuries

The immediate aftermath of any type of car accident is almost always traumatic -- and overwhelming. It's often hard to think straight and the adrenaline in your body can actually override pain sensations, making it hard to even know if you're injured or not. On top of that, some injuries have a knack for not being obvious at first. That's why anyone who has recently been in a car accident needs to be conscious of the possibility of "hidden" injuries that they or their family members may have. What relatively benign symptoms can be the potential sign of a serious problem? 1. Shoulder and neck...

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Why is driving in the summer so dangerous?

Summer brings fair weather and vacations -- so it's no surprise that lots of people head out on the road in their cars. Apparently, it's also the season for distracted driving. According to statistics, there's a spike in car accident deaths every year from June through August. The increase is an eye-popping 29 percent above the number of accident deaths from December through February. Why the sharp increase in car accidents and related deaths during the summer? Researchers say that the increase is largely the result of distracted driving. Data that's been collected from over 20,000 drivers...

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Are bounce houses actually safe to use?

Bounce houses are often part of summertime fun for kids. They appear at birthday parties, school carnivals and even backyard barbecues. Unfortunately, they may not be all that safe. Bounce house injuries happen all the time. In fact, doctors say that nearly 30 children get injured every single day in them -- some even die. Common injuries include cuts, bruises, fractures, spinal damage, paralysis, heat exhaustion and head trauma. In many cases, a lack of adequate adult supervision is responsible for the worst injuries. Too many people assume that the bounce houses are essentially entirely...

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How do doctors diagnose a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) isn't always easy for doctors to diagnose. In fact, it's not uncommon for a car accident victim with a serious brain injury to go home after an accident because the doctor failed to detect the signs of a TBI. A delayed TBI diagnosis is especially problematic because victims need to receive specific medical treatment as soon as possible to prevent the worsening of their symptoms. Also, victims need a diagnosis to support any legal claims for damages that may arise from the accident. How doctors look for brain injuries: The Glasgow Coma Scale The Glasgow Coma...

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Ohio family sues state over wrongful death at convict’s hands

The murder of an Ohio State psychology major at the hands of a previously convicted sex offender and the subsequent trial captured the attention of most of the state in 2017. Now, the young woman's parents have initiated a lawsuit for her wrongful death. They say the state failed to correctly monitor the man convicted of her death while he was in a pre-release residential facility after his previous conviction for attempted rape. The man who kidnapped the young student as she headed home from work, then raped and killed her, had recently gained release from prison after serving six years for...

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