Month: July 2018

Can your job survive your mild brain injury?

After any blow to the head, it is always wise to consider whether or not you received a mild brain injury. If a mild bring injury remains undiagnosed, it can create surprisingly destructive symptoms that may destroy a victim's personal and professional life completely before the victim or those around him or her realize what is happening. In part, this is due to the nature of the injury. A brain injury, especially a mild one, is not visible to the victim or others. Also, brain injuries may not affect victims in predictable ways. Instead, the injuries may cause physical symptoms or...

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Wrongful death and prescription drugs: What you should know

Prescription drug abuse and misuse is a big problem. You only have to watch the news to realize that there's a national concern among government officials, medical professionals and individual communities about the epidemic of prescription drug addictions and deaths that they're seeing. Who is responsible when someone dies of a prescription drug overdose? Under the law, the answer is not very simple. Here are some possibilities: The drug manufacturer Product liability laws may be able to hold drug companies liable for some overdose deaths -- particularly when there's credible information...

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