Month: December 2018

Ford announces major recall of pickups for fire hazard

Consumers have the right to expect that they can safely use and operate the products they purchase, including vehicles. Car manufacturer Ford recently announced a recall of 874,082 F-150 pickup trucks due to fire concerns. A faulty engine block heater cable is to blame. The auto manufacturer is aware of three fires that have resulted from the defect. Corrosion of the cable can cause damage over time, leading to fire. The concern is particularly bad in colder weather climates that require the engine block to be plugged in externally using the cable to help keep the engine block warm during...

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Protections for victims of distracted drivers

Distracted driving, including texting while driving, is an increasing danger on roadways throughout the country. During 2015, there were nearly 391,000 Americans injured in a car accident that involved a distracted driver. Legal options protect victims of distracted drivers. Because of how serious distracted driving accidents are, it is essential for victims of distracted driving-related car accidents to be familiar with the legal options and remedies available to them. A distracted driving car accident can turn the lives of victims and their families upside down. Victims may need medical...

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Settlement demand basics and what victims should know

There are many different aspects to the personal injury claims process and it is useful information for injured victims to understand what those are. A personal injury claim for damages following a car accident or other traumatic accident can help injured victims in Ohio recover compensation for their damages. Victims of car accidents may be able to recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm they have suffered. Making a personal injury claim for damages may begin with filing the claim but there are many parties and different steps in the process that are involved...

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Surgical errors are a common type of medical malpractice

Victims of medical malpractice in Ohio and their loved ones may suffer extensive harm because of the negligent actions of a medical care provider. Unfortunately, greater than 4,000 surgical errors occur annually, and many of them are preventable. This is why injured victims and their family members should be armed with the legal protections available to them. According to researchers, these surgical errors should never happen and can include leaving a sponge in the patient's body following surgery, operating on the wrong side of the body or operating on the wrong body part. According to...

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