Month: March 2019

Legal action can help victim recover from soft tissue injuries

Unfortunately, car accident victims can suffer a range of injuries. It is important for them to be able to get the help they need when they have been injured in a car accident. Some of the most common types of injuries victims can suffer in a motor vehicle accident are soft tissue injuries. Whiplash is the most common type of soft tissue injury car accident victims suffer. Whiplash injuries occur when the impact of a collision causes the victim's neck to move back and forth violently. Symptoms of a whiplash injury include neck stiffness, sharp neck pains, back problems, and cognitive, memory...

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How products liability law works and protects victims

Being injured by a product that a consumer reasonably thinks is safe is a difficult position to be in. Dangerous and defective products can cause serious injuries and harm to victims and those who have manufactured, distributed or sold dangerous or defective products may be liable to compensate victims for their injuries. It is important for victims of dangerous or defective products to be familiar with products liability law that can provide protections for victims including for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. When a victim has been harmed by a dangerous...

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Car accidents, personal injury claims, and proving negligence

Car accidents may be an everyday fact of life, but they can have a significant negative impact on car accident victims and their families. As a result, it is necessary for car accident victims to be familiar with their legal rights and protections when harmed so that they can take the steps necessary to find accountability and recover compensation for damages imposed upon them. Millions of car accidents occur each year, which means that a significant portion of the population is left injured in these wrecks. When another driver's negligence has caused an injurious or fatal car accident, then...

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Why is cancer sometimes not diagnosed properly?

Finding out that you have cancer is a shock that can be difficult to deal with. Some patients wonder how their treatment options might have differed if they had found out earlier about their illness. In some cases, things might have been very different if the cancer was diagnosed earlier because it might not have spread and worsened. There is a fine line that comes into the picture with cases like this. If the delay in diagnosis was because you weren't showing any signs of the condition, there likely isn't anything you can do. If the delay was because your doctor didn't go through proper...

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Legal protections for victims of dangerous or defective products

Products liability protections help keep the public safe and hold all the parties in the chain of distribution liable for any harm caused by a dangerous or defective product. Liability can extend to a manufacturer, the wholesaler, the distributor, or the retail store involved in this chain. Products liability law is designed to ensure the public is kept safe from dangerous and defective products. Users of everyday products have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe when using those products. When that expectation has been violated, and victims have suffered harm, victims may be...

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