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Legal options when a loved one is killed by medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

In some instances, medical malpractice results in injuries and other types of harm to the victim but in others it can result in death. As a result, it is important for surviving family members of victims of medical malpractice to understand how wrongful death legal protections work when a loved one has been wrongfully killed because of medical malpractice.

Wrongful death legal protections may be available to surviving family members when their loved one has been killed due to the negligent actions of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional. It is considered medical malpractice when a medical care professional provides medical treatment and care that falls below the standard of care. When a loved one has died because of a medical error, wrongful death legal protections can help surviving family members with their financial and emotional damages.

A wrongful death claim is brought on behalf of the lost loved one’s estate for the benefit of surviving family members. Damages that may be available to surviving family members can include medical and funeral expenses, loss of consortium and the loss of future wages and earning capacity. Additional damages may also be available based on the circumstances and characteristics of the victim. Losing a loved one because of medical malpractice can be overwhelming and unexpected which is why wrongful death legal protections are available to help.

Wrongful death legal protections provide support for the unexpected financial and emotional damages loved ones face after losing a loved one. It is helpful to keep in mind that they may be able to recover compensation from the negligent medical care provider responsible for their loss to help during a difficult time.