Month: November 2019

Medical malpractice help for victims of a failure to diagnose

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of medication errors; failed diagnosis is another serious type of medical malpractice that can impact patients and their families. A failure to diagnose can lead to serious consequences for victims and can be fatal in some circumstances. Because of this, victims of a failure to diagnose are legally protected. Medical malpractice protections can help victims of a failure to diagnose, and their families, recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages. A failure to diagnose can lead to the wrong treatment or no treatment...

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Legal protections for victims of medication errors

Medication errors are a serious type of medical malpractice that can cause serious harm to victims. As a result, it is essential for victims of prescription errors or other medication errors in hospitals, nursing homes or otherwise to be familiar with the legal options protecting victims of medical errors and medical malpractice. Medication can be harmful if it is not administered properly. Ways that medication errors may occur can include a failure to monitor dosages or to monitor the drug combinations of the patient properly; mislabeling of prescriptions or medication pumps; poorly written...

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What to do when a child has been injured by a toy

Unfortunately, children can be injured by the everyday toys they play with and enjoy. When this happens, it is important for parents to be familiar with products liability law and the protections it provides when a child has been injured while playing with a favorite toy. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that that approximately 217,000 children are treated for toy-related injuries in hospital emergency rooms. Most toy-related injuries do not require hospitalization, however, during 2005, 20 children died due to toy-related injuries. A toy-related injury can cause physical...

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Keeping motorcyclists safe on the roadways

Motorcycle riders can be in a vulnerable position on the roadways and can be particularly susceptible to the negligence of careless or inattentive drivers. With that in mind, Ohio requires motorcyclists to learn about ways to drive defensively as part of the training they must go through to get a motorcycle license. Unfortunately, car drivers don't always pay the same kind of attention to the issue. There are ways drivers can increase the chances of keeping motorcyclists safe on the roadways and also legal resources available to motorcycle accident victims who have been harmed by a negligent...

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Distracted driving is a danger on the roadways

Distracted driving is dangerous driving that can cause serious car accidents and injuries. In addition, distracted drivers may be considered negligent when they cause a car accident and may be liable to car accident victims for their damages. Car accident victims and victims of distracted drivers should know about the legal protections available to them. Distracted driving claimed greater than 3,166 lives during 2017. Distracted driving includes any behavior that diverts the driver's attention from driving including manual, visual and cognitive distraction. Examples of driver distraction can...

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