Month: December 2019

How victims can get help with a product injury

The potential for injuries and harm from a dangerous or defective product is a serious concern facing many consumers. The reality that consumers may be exposed to dangerous or defective products means that injured consumers and their family members should be familiar with the legal resources available to protect them. Whenever a manufacturer has allowed a defective product to enter or remain in the marketplace where it can harm consumers, manufacturers and others may be liable to injured victims who are harmed by the defective or dangerous product. Products liability laws, and a personal...

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Questions about products liability protections answered

Products liability law protects victims of dangerous or defective products. It is helpful for anyone injured by a dangerous or defective product to be understand what legal remedies are available and how they can help victims. Products liability legal protections are based on several theories of liability. Which theory of liability is the best option depends on the unique situation and circumstances that the victim has suffered. Victims of a dangerous or defective product may seek damages from those liable for the harm they have suffered under a theory of strict product liability, negligence...

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Infections after a fractured bone can be devastating

Many injuries can occur during a car wreck. One such misfortune is a fracture, which seems like a relatively mild injury but can turn into a very serious one in some cases. Some people who have a broken bone might develop an infection in the area. Unfortunately, these infections can lead to life-threatening complications. Anyone who has a fracture after a car wreck should pay close attention to how they are faring. This is especially true if you have any risk factors for an infection. These include things like having rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or an immune deficiency. Needing surgery to...

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Relief for victims of drunk drivers

Victims of drunk driving accidents may be left picking up the pieces of another driver's carelessness and negligence. It is important for victims of drunk drivers and their families to be aware that drunk drivers may be liable for the harm they cause to unsuspecting victims in a drunk driving accident through a personal injury claim for damages. Drunk drivers may have criminal and civil liability following a drunk driving accident. In fact, the criminal charges against the drunk driver may also be used as evidence of negligence if the victim of the drunk driver brings a personal injury claim...

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What to watch for from a brain injury

Brain injuries are a serious type of injury that can be suffered in a variety of different ways, including in car accidents and other types of traumatic accidents. Like many other car accident injuries, they may not always be immediately obvious and may worsen over time so car accident victims should know what to watch for an what to do about it. Brain injuries can be open or closed head injuries but closed head injuries may be more difficult to detect. Regardless of the type of brain injury, brain injuries such as a traumatic brain injury can have a dramatic and devastating impact on...

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