Month: January 2020

Standard of care is a factor in some medical malpractice cases

Medical professionals should meet certain standards for the care they provide for patients, but these aren't always the exact same thing. Standards of care in medicine depend on several factors. It is imperative that patients who don't think they've received care that meets applicable standards find out if they have a medical malpractice claim based on that fact. The National Guideline Clearinghouse gathers the current standards, so medical professionals can review them. But, this still isn't infallible since the standards change depending on factors like the doctor's training. Another issue...

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Accident rates go up in winter

Although children may love to wake up to fresh piles of fluffy snow, winter precipitation is at best an annoyance for their parents. That is because digging out of snow and driving on weather-affected roads can be stressful and dangerous. The Ohio State Government offers drivers many useful driving tips to keep them safe and to avoid accidents when they must travel on roads affected by snow, ice and other forms of winter precipitation. Drivers are encouraged to maintain their vehicles to avoid breakdowns in already difficult conditions. Filling up windshield fluid, getting scheduled and...

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How can surgical mistakes be prevented?

Surgical procedures happen every day in hospitals and clinics throughout Ohio. For most individuals who undergo surgery, these procedures are routine and occur without complications. Others may suffer challenges during and after their operations, but, often, complications are part of the risk of undergoing operative treatments. For others, problems during surgery may occur when doctors and other medical professionals fail to undertake proper precautions to protect their patients from mistakes. Surgical mistakes, including wrong-site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure surgeries, happen to...

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Whiplash is a serious car accident injury

Car accidents are a problem on Ohio roads, just as they are on the streets and highways of every other state in the country. They are caused by negligence, inattentiveness and sometimes, the intentional or reckless conduct of drivers. Often car accidents cause delays, financial headaches and other problems for victims. In serious accidents, victims may also suffer physical pain, injury and significant loss. Car accident injuries can range from minor to serious and can affect practically every part of the human body. One common form of car accident injury, however, is whiplash. Whiplash...

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Medical malpractice and the problem of wrong-site surgery

One of the great advantages of living in the 21st century is the access that people have to quality and safe medical care. Though many may not care for the costs of receiving medical treatment or their options for visiting doctors and clinics, when a person goes to a doctor, they may reasonably expect that their care will be competently and professionally provided. Ohio residents have a variety of excellent hospitals and medical care providers to choose from when serious issues like surgery must be considered. Surgery can be invasive or it may be completed by laparoscopic techniques....

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