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How can surgical mistakes be prevented?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Surgical procedures happen every day in hospitals and clinics throughout Ohio. For most individuals who undergo surgery, these procedures are routine and occur without complications. Others may suffer challenges during and after their operations, but, often, complications are part of the risk of undergoing operative treatments. For others, problems during surgery may occur when doctors and other medical professionals fail to undertake proper precautions to protect their patients from mistakes.

Surgical mistakes, including wrong-site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure surgeries, happen to too many patients each year. Mistakes occur when medical providers fail to take the time to ensure that each patient is connected to the right chart, medication, and care plan so that they receive the treatment they need.

To avoid surgical mistakes, medical providers should have safety checks in place to prevent errors. For example, medical teams should review a patient’s plan before starting an operation to check that the right patient is lined up for the right procedure. Additionally, patients should be involved in the preoperative checklist of procedures so they may confirm that they understand what will happen and what treatments they will receive.

Doctors, nurses, and other care providers can and should take “time-outs” to ensure that everyone involved in the operative process of a patient knows what will happen and how each will be involved in the process. These and other procedures can help medical providers cut down on mistakes. This post does not offer any legal advice and victims of medical malpractice should discuss their unique legal needs with their trusted attorneys.