Month: June 2020

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Ohio?

People make mistakes every day, and most of the time, someone's negligence or bad behavior will have consequences only for that one person. Sadly, some decisions, like the decision to drive drunk, could ripple out and affect other people negatively. If you find yourself in a situation where someone else directly caused the death of a person you love, you may find yourself wondering if you have the right to take action and seek justice for your loss. Wrongful death claims are a way to compensate the surviving loved ones of a person who loses their life to the misbehavior or negligence of...

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Common causes of medical malpractice

When you seek medical care, it’s your hope that the care you receive will be in line with the appropriate standard of care. But, not all medical professionals have the same level of skills and training, and not every patient will receive the same care. The sad truth is that many people are harmed because of negligence and mistakes that their medical providers make. Medical malpractice lawsuits are sometimes a necessary step for patients who have been harmed as a result of medical errors or negligence. According to the 2018 CRICO Strategies National CBS Report, the majority of medical...

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Why you should not settle a car crash claim too soon

If you are in a car accident, the following days can be confusing. There are claim forms to fill out and insurance companies to talk to. It is good to do these things while the accident is fresh in your mind. However, do not settle your claim too soon until you are sure that you have fully recovered from any injuries. Ohio has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injuries, meaning you have two years to claim. Some effects of a crash may not be evident for weeks, months or even years. Here are some examples: Traumatic brain injuries: The violence of a crash can mean your soft brain...

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Why a meal to go could cause you to have an accident

“Make mine to go, please.” How many times have you said that to the food server when you’ve been in a hurry? How many times have you crawled out of bed, filled your travel mug with coffee, jumped into your car and drove off to work? We’ve all done it. Driving with our wrists on the wheel, a coffee in one hand and some food in the other. However, it’s a terrible idea.   Have you ever considered how dangerous eating and drinking while driving is?  Try something: Fill your travel mug with hot coffee and go and sit in your car, with the engine switched off. Now lift your cup to your mouth. What...

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How does Ohio premises liability work?

Not everyone is equal in the eyes of Ohio law when it comes to premises liability claims. The success of a claim depends on who you are, why you were there and what you were doing. To bring a premises liability claim, you need to prove there was negligence on the part of the landowner. You need to prove they had a duty of care toward you and failed to carry out that duty of care. Under what terms were you on the property? If you are an adult and you were trespassing on someone’s land, a court may choose to dismiss a claim. A child may get more leeway, as the law accepts that children are...

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Can you claim for wrongful death due to prescription drug errors?

Your dad always warned you about the dangers of drugs. “Drugs kill,” he said. He didn’t mean those drugs, though, not the ones that were supposed to help him. Unless you went to medical school, you are probably not an expert on what each drug can and cannot do, and what dosage you need. That is why you visit a doctor or a pharmacist when you need medicine. When someone prescribes drugs these are some things they need to consider: Patient history: Just because a drug worked for your Uncle John, does not mean it was correct for your dad. Everyone is different. Dosage varies depending on weight...

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