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Why a meal to go could cause you to have an accident

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Distracted Driving

“Make mine to go, please.” How many times have you said that to the food server when you’ve been in a hurry? How many times have you crawled out of bed, filled your travel mug with coffee, jumped into your car and drove off to work?

We’ve all done it. Driving with our wrists on the wheel, a coffee in one hand and some food in the other. However, it’s a terrible idea.  

Have you ever considered how dangerous eating and drinking while driving is? 

Try something: Fill your travel mug with hot coffee and go and sit in your car, with the engine switched off. Now lift your cup to your mouth. What can you see? You can see your travel mug, right? You can see some scenery too, but your focus has changed. It is now on the cup, not on everything around you. 

What are your thinking about? Perhaps about how good the coffee tastes, or how you need to buy some more beans when you pass the store. You are probably not concentrating on your surroundings. 

With many restaurants only open for takeaways, there is more temptation than ever to snack and drive. Doing so causes danger to other road users, as well as to yourself.

Next time you are out on the roads, look and see how many other people have food or a drink in their hand while driving. Are they concentrating on the road, or are they distracted by their food? Distracted drivers can injure and kill. Don’t be one of them.