Month: July 2020

Long hours, driver fatigue and car accidents

When you start to break down a car accident, it’s often clear what happened. For instance, a driver ran a stop sign. However, when you start to get a bit deeper into it, you can learn a lot more about how many factors contributed and how long that driver was slowly moving toward a car accident. For instance, maybe the driver has been putting in extra-long hours at the office. They may not even realize how long these are or how detrimental they can be. After all, some have called America the world’s most overworked nation. This is just the norm. Even so, those long hours start to add up. The...

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Why you shouldn’t run from a dog

Have you ever heard the common advice that you should not run from an aggressive dog? As a teaching point, it probably makes sense. You don’t want to get the dog riled up, you know that the animal instinctively wants to chase prey, and it just fits that running from a dog can make an attack more likely.  It’s one thing to say that, however, and quite another to hold your ground when a dog is coming at you. If a dog runs through an open gate and charges toward you as you go by a house, your instinct is to run. You may forget everything you’ve learned and try to sprint in the opposite...

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Life after a motor vehicle accident can be challenging

A serious motor vehicle accident will alter your life in many ways, both in the short and long term. While you can’t read the future, you can prepare yourself for anything that you may have to deal with. Life after a motor vehicle accident can be challenging for the following reasons: Severe physical injuries: When you suffer an extensive injury in a motor vehicle accident, such as a traumatic brain injury or fractured neck, it has the potential to cause long-term issues with your health. For example, if a brain injury affects your mental capabilities, you may not be able to return to work....

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How to keep your kids busy on a road trip

Heading out to the park, the beach or just to visit relatives? If you’re a parent, it’s hard not to dread a road trip when it takes roughly 2.3 seconds (give or take) for the kids to get bored and restless in the back seat. If you don’t find a way to distract them from the trip, they’re apt to distract you -- and having your attention diverted from the road to break up a back-seat squabble can be dangerous. With that in mind, here are a few ways to keep your progeny occupied while you’re on the road: Bring an activity bag for each kid. Let each of your children fill a bag with their favorite...

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