Month: November 2020

Misdiagnosis is a leading reason for medical malpractice claims

The primary care physician in charge of coordinating your medical care is critical to your health and longevity. They are responsible for managing your care and for helping you determine what afflictions may have caused your symptoms. Only once they properly diagnose you can they then recommend a course of treatment that will help you manage the condition. Unfortunately, many doctors fail in their basic obligation to patients when it comes time to properly diagnose them. Failing to diagnose a patient or diagnosing them improperly can have catastrophic health consequences. How common is this...

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Why you may need backup when dealing with an insurance claim

People carry insurance to protect themselves from the unknown and from financial devastation. Some forms of insurance are liability policies that protect you from financial responsibility if you cause an accident or someone gets hurt on your property. Other kinds of insurance protect you from losses. Most homeowner's policies will cover an injury by a visitor but will also pay for repairs to your home if there is a major fire or you become the victim of a burglary. Your insurance is a form of protection, but that doesn't mean that you should view your insurance company as a protector ready...

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It’s illegal for someone to booby-trap their own property

Someone who is worried about robbers or trespassers may decide to set up booby traps on their own property. The rationale is simple: If someone isn’t supposed to be on the property, the property owner assumes they have the right to do anything they want to “protect” themselves from that person. They also assume this means booby traps are fine and that they’re within their rights, claiming that the traps are just there for self-defense. This is an inaccurate assumption. Booby traps are actually illegal, and the courts have taken this stance over and over. Even with the excuse of self-defense,...

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