Month: December 2020

Following a car accident, the speed of your medical assistance can dictate your outcome

When a serious accident occurs, there are a lot of factors that work together to determine if the injury will be fatal or not. Every person is unique and two people can suffer very similar injuries with different outcomes. One of the biggest issues, though, is just how fast medical assistance is rendered. All other things being equal, this can turn a car injury case into a fatality case. How location affects the speed of the assistance you get following a wreck This is one reason that rural roads tend to be more dangerous. There are others -- speed, seatbelt use, drunk driving, etc -- but...

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You may have a case if you lose a loved one to a drunk-driving crash

Ohio has its fair share of drunk drivers. In fact, in 2018, there were 26,614 OVI arrests in the state, based on data from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Drunk driving is a serious problem, not only for the intoxicated driver, but also the people around them. If they cause a collision, then others could be hurt or killed. It is important to note that an OVI can include many kinds of intoxication. A driver who is affected by illicit drugs, alcohol or even prescription medications could be held accountable for driving while impaired. What do you do if you lose a loved one in a drunk driving...

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