Month: February 2021

Watch out for road rage

Modern life can be full of stress. If you are having a bad day, your problems do not magically disappear the moment you get behind the wheel of your car. They travel as an unwanted passenger with you. The same happens for all other drivers. When another driver gets angry with you, the real reason for their ire probably lies elsewhere. Unfortunately, when they focus that anger on you, it can have potentially deadly consequences. How common is road rage? Road rage and aggressive driving are widespread. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, eight out of every 10 drivers said they...

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How can I avoid the liability of children getting hurt by my horses?

Anyone who has been around small children knows how impulsive, curious and fearless they can be. A small child does not understand concepts such as trespassing, and they often can’t read “no trespassing” signs. If a child sees something interesting on your property, they’re likely to walk right in and play with it, totally unaware of the potential dangers it presents. Unfortunately for property owners, including horse owners, the law is designed to put the responsibility on you if a child is injured on your property – unless you take specific steps to prevent it. Can my horse be a legal...

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