Month: March 2021

3 things doctors do (or don’t do) that can cause birth injuries

When you are in labor, your life is in danger, as is the life of your unborn child. Although modern medicine has made the process of bringing new life into the world safer, childbirth can still result in permanent injury or death to a woman. Additionally, complications during birth might claim a life of an unborn child. Most of the time, doctors will take immediate action to protect both mother and child. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the behavior of a doctor that results in a tragic outcome or birth injury. How do doctors sometimes contribute to their patients' birth injuries? They don't...

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Did you know that you can sue your Ohio landlord for an apartment complex injury?

Prospective tenants often visit and assess the potential apartment units and the surrounding communities before committing to any option. They often commit to a property only if it seems well-maintained and safe -- yet looks can easily deceive. Rental companies and landlords often put their best foot forward, not wanting to show the flaws that lurk underneath. You may find some solace in knowing that you may be able to hold a landlord who fails to protect your safety accountable for their actions if you get hurt.  Your landlord's obligation to protect your safety Many savvy renters know that...

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