Month: May 2021

What your family situation means for wrongful death claims

Accidental death is a common cause of fatalities in Ohio. People die in household accidents, incidents on the job and also car crashes. All are examples of accidental death. However, just because a death is accidental doesn't mean it was unavoidable or that no one is responsible. When someone causes the death of another person through their actions or by default or neglect, the situation may be a case of wrongful death. In a wrongful death scenario, the representative of the decedent's estate brings a claim against the person or entity responsible for their loss of life. The family...

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Wearing high-visibility clothing while riding your motorcycle may save your life

If you tell someone that you’re a motorcyclist, their next question might be about whether you’ve been in any accidents. People tend to associate riding a motorcycle with an enhanced injury risk. One of the reasons why motorcyclists face such a high risk of injury is due to visibility issues. It’s not uncommon for motorcyclists to say that they didn’t see riders approaching them. Motorcycle riders can take measures to make themselves more visible to potentially minimize their crash risks. How likely is it for a driver to see a motorcyclist? The U.S. Department of Transportation previously...

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