Month: June 2021

How can doctors and hospitals reduce misdiagnoses?

If a medical doctor misdiagnoses your condition, you lose what may be a critical window of opportunity for treatment. Even if they later correct their error, the delay may have allowed your condition to worsen, perhaps irrevocably. Therefore doctors must get diagnoses right the first time. Sadly, doctors make many misdiagnoses, estimated to affect around 12 million patients and kill between 40,000 to 80,000 each year.  Doctors need to collaborate to ensure an accurate diagnosis A doctor has plenty of people they can turn to when making a diagnosis. They can ask the patient and the patient’s...

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Traumatic brain injuries can stem from car crashes

Brain injuries can produce life-altering changes that make it difficult for a person to perform their activities of daily life (ADL). These injuries can  require lifelong medical care, which can be costly. There are two common types of brain injuries that can occur when the victim is involved in a car crash – penetrating and non-penetrating. How do penetrating and non-penetrating injuries differ? A penetrating injury occurs when something pierces the skin and skull and infiltrates the brain. In a car wreck, there are many things that can penetrate the skull, e.g., metal components of the...

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Teenage drivers: Thousands on the roads put others at risk

If you’ve ever been on the road when school lets out in the afternoon or during the summer break, you may have noticed that there are more teen drivers. Younger drivers may make simple traffic mistakes that cause near-misses and crashes, which may make it frustrating to be on the roads with them. Teens are learning, so it does make sense that they make mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can sometimes be deadly. If you’re hit by one, then it is your right to pursue a claim against them for causing injuries or fatalities. Did you know that 7% of all drivers in Ohio are under the age of...

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