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Teenage drivers: Thousands on the roads put others at risk

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Car Accidents

If you’ve ever been on the road when school lets out in the afternoon or during the summer break, you may have noticed that there are more teen drivers. Younger drivers may make simple traffic mistakes that cause near-misses and crashes, which may make it frustrating to be on the roads with them.

Teens are learning, so it does make sense that they make mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can sometimes be deadly. If you’re hit by one, then it is your right to pursue a claim against them for causing injuries or fatalities.

Did you know that 7% of all drivers in Ohio are under the age of 21?

Thousands of teens and young adults are on the road in Ohio. Did you know that the crash rate for 16-year-old drivers is higher than that of 17-year-olds? It’s also around nine times higher than the general population of adult drivers. That’s why it is absolutely vital that teens get enough practice with guardians and adults who can watch their driving behaviors and make sure that they are adapting to changes on the road while obeying the traffic laws.

In Ohio, around a third of all fatal teen crashes happened in rural areas. The rest happened in urban or suburban areas. What could cause this? Distractions, changes in lighting, drowsiness, intoxication and other factors may play a role.

Traffic collisions are a leading cause of death for teens in the USA

Tragically, traffic collisions are a leading cause of death for teens in the country. It’s important to talk to teens about the importance of paying attention to traffic laws. They should be encouraged to put down their phones and devices and be taught about the dangers of driving while distracted, drowsy or intoxicated.

If you are hit by a teen driver, you have every right to hold them accountable for their actions. Even though they’re young and learning, this is a situation in which you deserve to receive compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered. Your attorney can help you make a claim, so that you get the help you need while the teen learns an important lesson about responsibility on the roadways.