Month: August 2021

2 serious injuries people can suffer after a slip-and-fall 

Of all the kinds of accidents you can suffer, a slip-and-fall may be the most misunderstood. People slipping and falling has long been a visual punch line in television and films, so a surprising number of people don't understand that slip-and-falls can result in severe, even life-altering injuries. Every year, millions of Americans slip on dirty or wet floors and fall. A portion of those people will suffer serious injuries. What are two of the more common serious injuries people can suffer if they slip and fall? Fractured or broken bones Broken bones or fractures are a risk any time someone...

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Negligent or inadequate security can lead to an injury

When people think about premises liability, they often envision someone slipping on a patch of water or falling down some stairs. While these are two examples of possible premises liability, they are not the only way preventable property injuries occur. Public locations such as hospitals, hotels and college campuses often have unforeseen security hazards that could injure residents of Mansfield and Sandusky, OH, Ohio. Learning about these possible hazards may help you avoid an injury in dangerous situations. What are some examples of negligent security? When a premise has proper security...

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A car accident could leave your child with life-long disabilities

As a parent, how often do you think about the safety of your child? Odds are that your answer is something along the lines of “all the time” or “constantly.” It’s natural to worry about your child’s safety and do everything you can to protect them. This is something you especially need to think about when you get in the car. Remember, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for most children and even young adults. Older adults face higher risks from things like cancer and heart disease, which are tied to age and take time to develop, but accidents are exceedingly problematic for...

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