Month: December 2021

Surgeons don’t always get it right 

It takes several years of training to qualify as a surgeon. Thus, surgeons must acquire high levels of expertise prior to being permitted to operate on patients.  The relationship between medical professionals and patients is founded upon trust. Those who enter healthcare facilities for treatment often place their lives in the hands of the people who care for them. Sadly, even the most highly trained professionals are not immune from errors, even surgeons. The consequences of errors during surgery can be life-altering and even fatal in extreme cases. Outlined below are some of the more...

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Recognize delayed injury symptoms

On the surface, it seemed like a routine fender-bender – a car accident with minimal damage to either vehicle. You shrugged off the minor headache that surfaced, attributing it to the fact that you were in a rush to get to work and only had a cup of coffee for breakfast. But that headache gradually worsened. You went home for lunch and did not return to work, calling in sick for the rest of the day. This is a prime example of a delayed injury symptom. You cannot ignore such a symptom, which could mean a serious health problem and potentially death. Seek medical attention right away....

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Don’t respond to aggressive tailgaters 

Many people across Ohio rely on the safe use of the roads to go about their daily activities. Usually, they are able to do this without issue. Unfortunately, there are times where drivers can run into trouble.  Road traffic accidents are common enough in the state to be worthy of concern. There are a number of different factors that can lead up to an accident, with driver distraction, impairment, speeding and reckless driving being some of the more notable sources. Among the most frequent causes of road traffic collisions is tailgating. Tailgating warrants further consideration as not only...

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Cold winter weather could increase your dog bite risk

There are a couple of reasons why your risk for a dog bite attack could be a little higher in the winter. The most obvious is that you will find yourself traveling to visit family and friends, some of whom may not train their animals as well as they should. You might think that if you already know the animal from previous interactions that it will behave well when it sees you again. Unfortunately, there is a secondary factor caused by cold winter weather that will affect how safe you are when interacting with a dog in someone else's house. The worse the weather gets, the more likely it is...

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