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Cold winter weather could increase your dog bite risk

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Dog Bites

There are a couple of reasons why your risk for a dog bite attack could be a little higher in the winter. The most obvious is that you will find yourself traveling to visit family and friends, some of whom may not train their animals as well as they should.

You might think that if you already know the animal from previous interactions that it will behave well when it sees you again. Unfortunately, there is a secondary factor caused by cold winter weather that will affect how safe you are when interacting with a dog in someone else’s house.

The worse the weather gets, the more likely it is that the dog will turn aggressive with little warning. 

Lack of exercise has a strong relationship with aggression

Dogs need daily exercise just like any other animal. Unfortunately, not all owners have the time in the schedule to spend with their canine companions outside. Even if they usually do, they might defer their daily walk when the weather is bad.

Lack of exercise has a strong correlation with increased anxiety and aggression in dogs. Dogs don’t know why they need exercise, but their behavior will certainly change when they don’t get out enough. Essentially, when they don’t get enough exercise, their behavior becomes less predictable and their mood becomes less stable.

If the dog’s owner has eschewed walks for several days, an otherwise complacent companion animal could turn violent with little provocation, causing serious injury to you or a child in your family.

A dog’s owner should take proper care of their animal

Meeting the needs of a dog doesn’t just mean providing it with shelter, routine veterinary care and adequate nutrition. It also means bonding with the dog, disciplining it and prodiving adequate exercise.

When a dog’s owner doesn’t train their animal, doesn’t fence it in or doesn’t get the animal outside to stretch its legs, the dog could cause injury to other people. Those hurt by a vicious animal may need to file an insurance claim or, in some cases, a personal injury lawsuit.

Recognizing risk factors for suffering a dog bite can help you avoid risky situations this winter.