Month: January 2022

Can you seek compensation for a drunk driving crash?

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone who’s on the road at the same time as them. It’s imperative that all victims of drunk driving crashes take steps to hold that driver accountable for their negligence. This may help to prevent the driver from getting behind the wheel after drinking again.  One thing that some people don’t realize is that they can seek compensation for the damages caused by the impaired driving crash through the civil court system. This includes things like your medical bills, lost wages, damaged property, plus pain and suffering. This is possible even if the person faces...

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Use caution in the wintry weather

While movies and television shows make light of slipping on ice or snow, these events can cause serious injuries. Homeowners likely know to shovel and salt outdoor walkways. Business owners should do the same thing. When either of these parties fails to care for outdoor areas, it’s possible that people who visit their locations will fall on the slick walkways. Pedestrians will likely take steps to avoid falling while they walk. In many cases, the onus is on the property owner to ensure that these areas are safe for people. There are several things that should occur when it’s snowy or icy...

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