Month: April 2022

When children get hurt, the whole family pays the price

Usually, the person who gets injured in a car crash or at a dangerous property is the one who suffers all of the consequences. They have a physical injury to cope with and medical bills to cover. They are the ones who miss work and who have to handle insurance claims. However, the situation is quite different when children get hurt. Whether they get attacked by a dog in a park or suffer broken bones in a car crash, children's injuries will affect not only their health and their quality of life but also their entire family. Injuries to children can often cost a lot more than similar injuries...

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Should I upgrade my car for one with airbags?

If you drive an old car that never lets you down, there are many good reasons to keep doing so. There are also many arguments as to why you should not. Perhaps the biggest reason to upgrade your car is safety. Airbags are maybe the most crucial of all the safety features modern cars come with. They could be the difference between surviving a crash or not. Not all cars are equal when it comes to airbags As the effectiveness of airbags became more evident, manufacturers looked for ways to cover more of the car with them. Front airbags became mandatory in the late 90s, but not all crashes are...

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Why some semitruck drivers are unfit to be on the road

Semitruck drivers do not have the luxury of waking up after a full night's rest and hitting the road after a hot meal. Most truckers are driving long hours, eating fast food, with an hour or two of sleep between jobs. Their declining health can impact how they drive and put you in danger when driving around them.  You should know that a trucker’s health is not the only reason you may be in danger: New truckers can be unqualified for the job Driver shortages have caused the trucking industry to reduce the legal semitruck driving age to 18 years of age from the original 21 years of age. These...

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