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Should I upgrade my car for one with airbags?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you drive an old car that never lets you down, there are many good reasons to keep doing so. There are also many arguments as to why you should not.

Perhaps the biggest reason to upgrade your car is safety. Airbags are maybe the most crucial of all the safety features modern cars come with. They could be the difference between surviving a crash or not.

Not all cars are equal when it comes to airbags

As the effectiveness of airbags became more evident, manufacturers looked for ways to cover more of the car with them. Front airbags became mandatory in the late 90s, but not all crashes are frontal or rear-enders, so you can now get airbags to protect you in side-on crashes too.

Side airbags sit in the door, and the majority of new cars have them. Yet they do not protect your upper body. That is where you need a curtain airbag. These drop down from above the side windows forming a protective curtain if the vehicle senses a side-on impact. Their purpose is to prevent contact between your head and the window and reduce the chance of shoulder and torso injuries.

If you do not want to spend big on a new car, you can retrofit some types of airbags in some vehicles.

Crashes will always be a risk, and however many safety features your car has, there is always a chance of serious injury in one. Yet most crashes could be avoided if all drivers took more care. When they don’t, and they injure you in a crash, your only option is to find out more about claiming compensation.