Month: May 2022

The real cost of dog bite injuries

You may hear a news report about someone who was bitten or attacked by a dog from time to time. Unfortunately, these stories aren’t as newsworthy or prevalent as car accidents and other personal injuries, so you may not be familiar with how serious they can be.  However, each year, dog-related injuries result in costs of almost $900 million in the U.S. In Ohio alone, the value of dog-related claims was $30.4 million in 2020, making the state eighth when it comes to dog-bite insurance claims.  Potential injuries and consequences of dog-related incidents Dog bites are often much worse than...

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Rushed doctors can lead to serious mistakes

Does your doctor always seem rushed when you go into the office? Do you feel like they hurry in the door, still thinking about whatever they were doing prior to meeting with you, and then rush out as soon as they can to get on to the next appointment? It's not just in your head. The majority of patients –  three out of five –  believe that even their exams are rushed. Some reports claim that people may only get to talk for as little as 12 seconds before being interrupted by a medical professional when they first start the meeting. In short, your doctor is definitely in a rush and that could...

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