Month: June 2022

What cancer misdiagnosis is such a major health care concern

No one wants to hear their doctor diagnose them with cancer. For some, cancer is a terminal diagnosis, meaning it will cost them their lives. For others, they can fight the cancer, but they will have to undergo surgery and invasive treatments like chemotherapy to achieve remission. However frightening a doctor diagnosing you with cancer might be, their failure to diagnose you is a much more serious concern. When a doctor ignores or downplays your symptoms, your cancer could progress before you secure the correct diagnosis. Some forms of cancers spread quickly When you go to your doctor to...

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Has your child been injured by an “attractive nuisance?”

Children can be drawn to all kinds of things – particularly when they’re out and about with lots of free time on their hands during the summer. They don’t always know what can be dangerous to them, and sometimes will go onto someone else’s property to further investigate something that looks fun or interesting.  That’s why states, including Ohio, have some version of an “attractive nuisance” doctrine. It allows both personal and commercial property owners to be held liable if a child is injured on something they have a responsibility to maintain – even if they’re trespassing. Ohio has an...

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Has your vision been damaged after a collision? 

All of our senses are precious, but many people value their sight more than anything else. Unfortunately, this is something that can easily be damaged during a road traffic collision.  How do visual injuries occur during a crash? Can you make a claim for compensation if your eyesight has been damaged when driving?  Lacerations Vehicles are generally made of some pretty hard components. Metal, plastic and glass surround the driver and passengers. During a collision, larger pieces of hard material can fragment and become airborne. If a small shard of glass, metal or plastic comes into contact...

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