Month: July 2022

Dog bites often get infected

Getting bitten by a dog can be painful and traumatic. Even a minor bite could lead to disfigurement, depending on where it is located. You may need to get stitches, rabies shots, medication for infections and much more. These infections, notably, are one of the biggest risks that you face. They are very common with dog bites, and they can make it so that your condition gets dramatically worse following the bite. You may not even think that it is too detrimental to your health when it happens, but you could later find yourself needing extensive medical care that puts you in significant debt....

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A doctor did not get your informed consent. Is that malpractice?

A doctor must obtain your informed consent prior to conducting a medical procedure or administering treatment. The punishment for not doing so is very significant. In fact, according to Forbes, “Failure to obtain informed consent is unlawful—medical malpractice, specifically—and the doctor can be charged with negligence and battery.” Informed consent means that you have been made fully aware of the potential risks, side effects and possible outcomes of an operation, procedure or treatment. You can grant your approval for the doctor to go ahead. You also have the right to decline what the...

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