Month: September 2022

Other drivers can be a threat to motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and freeing activity. Riding allows you to appreciate nature and interact with the road in a way that enclosed road users vehicles don’t get to experience. When riding a motorcycle, though, a significant cause for concern is other vehicles. In fact, 42% of all fatal motorcycle crashes involving another car occur when the other driver is turning left. This means the motorcycle was going straight, and the other vehicle turned into them. With the increased risks of riding, there are some easy solutions to reduce injury. Causes of motorcycle accidents While fun...

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Why do teenagers cause so many car accidents?

When you look at car accident statistics, you’ll find that the greatest rate of fatal car accidents belongs to teenagers. Out of all the age groups, they cause these deadly crashes at the highest rate. That doesn’t mean that they cause the greatest total number of fatal accidents every year. It’s just that the age group from 16 to 19 years old is so small. The number of accidents they cause is vastly disproportionate to the size of that group, showing that these are the most dangerous drivers. So why is this? They may get distracted Distractions are a major issue for teen drivers. It comes...

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If you feel like your doctor doesn’t listen to you, you may be right

Doctor's appointments are often frustrating experiences. You call and make an appointment for much farther off in the future than you would like. You wait for your appointment day, and then you often wait after arriving for your appointment. Even after you go back into the medical examination room, you may wait more there for a doctor to actually talk to you. Before you ever see a medical doctor, you may explain your symptoms or concerns to a nurse, a receptionist and several other staff members. When you finally see your doctor, you might expect that they would make use of that information...

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