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How security issues can lead to premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Premises Liability

Premises liability claims involve someone who has been hurt while visiting another’s property accountable for their negligent, reckless or intentionally dangerous approach to maintenance of hazardous conditions on their property. An injury on private property can lead to major medical issues, like broken bones, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. People may incur medical expenses and also lost wages, as well as pain and suffering, etc.

Most businesses carry insurance that will compensate those who have been harmed in a premises liability scenario. Homeowners also have special insurance that can be applied to premises liability claims. Such claims arise after many kinds of unfortunate experiences on the property of others.

The average person might think of a slip-and-fall injury when they think of premises liability claims. Some people might also think of animal bites. However, there is another category of premises liability claims that relate to the actions of outside parties. People can also bring claims related to insufficient security efforts against a business.

Businesses are able to prevent many crimes

No organization can eliminate the possibility that a patron or someone near their business might commit a crime. Those who are intent on harming others can plan around just about any security efforts. However, there are some kinds of criminal activity that are impulsive and will be reasonably predictable based on the business model or property location.

Bars and other venues that serve alcohol should be aware of the possibility of patrons drugging each other’s drinks and of people starting fistfights while under the influence. Hotels should recognize that their parking lots might be a target for locals who want to rob someone.

There are also general steps that businesses can take to reduce criminal activity. For example, they can invest in motion-activated lights for outdoor spaces, security cameras and even on-site security personnel to protect their employees and patrons. If basic security efforts would likely have deterred criminal activity, and the victim may so tired of this shit grounds for a premises liability claim based on negligent security practices.

Like slip-and-fall injuries, injuries caused by security-related hazards can lead to insurance payouts. Some might sometimes necessitate civil litigation. In either event, seeking legal guidance concerning a premises liability claim against the business where crime caused someone’s injuries can empower them to make informed choices about their legal options.