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Why people need to speak up after a slip-and-fall at a store

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Premises Liability

Someone who is shopping at a store and slips in spilled frozen peas or water near a drinking fountain could end up seriously injured. Unfortunately, adults who are involved in slip-and-fall incidents in public settings don’t take proper steps to protect their interests afterward.

Instead of talking to people at the business about what happened and getting medical care, they might just continue shopping or leave. Although it can seem embarrassing to have to locate a staff member and inform them about a slip-and-fall, doing so is better than risking the loss of the right to financial compensation by failing to speak up after an incident.

Making a report may be key to making a future claim

For someone hurt while visiting a business to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or a lawsuit, they will need to prove several important factors, including the fact that the slip-and-fall incident occurred.

Businesses may have security camera footage and other evidence that could corroborate someone’s claim of a fall, but they likely will not retain that evidence unless there is a report about the incident. Telling a manager or employee about a slip-and-fall helps protect an individual’s right to file an insurance claim or possibly a lawsuit later.

People may not know they have an injury at first

All too often, people quickly evaluate themselves after they fall and determine that they have no injury. They use their self-diagnosis as justification for not reporting the incident to the business or going to the doctor.

However, they might have a traumatic brain injury that doesn’t have major symptoms yet. They could also have a stable fracture in one of their bones or a soft tissue injury that will leave them unable to work in the next few days. Those who report an incident may more quickly connect the symptoms that develop later with the incident several days before.

By speaking up after an incident, those who have been injured at a business protect their potential right to compensation. It will be easier for them to get medical coverage and reimbursement for lost wages if they both advise the business of the fall after it occurs and see a doctor when they start to suspect they have an injury. Taking thoughtful steps after a slip and fall will protect someone’s option of pursuing a premises liability claim later.