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5 of the most dangerous drivers sharing the road with you

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Car Accidents

There are millions of motorists on the road, and many of them are more likely to be involved in collisions than others.

Drunk driving and speeding are two of the biggest actions that lead to auto accidents. But, there are other kinds of drivers that cause accidents. What you may need to know is this:

1. Drunk drivers

Alcohol affects a driver’s perception. Drunk drivers may have worse muscular control, slower response times, and decreased eyesight. Around bars and at night, there are a lot of drunk-driving collisions.

2. Reckless drivers

Reckless driving can be caused by speeding or aggressive driving tactics. With increasing speed, for example, drivers have less control. A fast driver might not have enough time or control to stop quickly and can end up getting into an accident. Tailgating or brake-checking drivers may also limit a driver’s ability to stop their vehicle before an accident.

3. Drowsy drivers

Perhaps even worse than drunk driving is sleepy driving. Fatigued drivers run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel and losing control of their cars. Driving fatigue is common after a long day at work or on long road travels.

4. Distracted drivers

Any time a motorist looks away from the road, takes their hands off the wheel or concentrates on something other than driving, they are distracted. The majority of distracted driving accidents involve cell phones.

5. Student drivers

Many new drivers are getting their first taste of driving. People who have never driven before might be more liable to cause accidents. A student driver’s anxiousness on the road could result in an accident.

After an accident, you might need to seek compensation if you have losses and injuries. To help ensure that you’re compensated following a vehicle accident, you may find it beneficial to seek legal assistance.