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These are the top causes of truck accidents

If you drive in the Mansfield area, you have probably found yourself riding next to, in front of, or behind a large commercial truck or semi. Big rigs and delivery trucks come with a set of unique hazards that can make the roadways more dangerous for smaller passenger vehicles. While many of these truck drivers have participated in training programs and are aware of the dangers, many people operating passenger cars and trucks have no idea about some of the hazards.

5 conditions doctors commonly misdiagnose

Many conditions share similar symptoms. For example, you might go see your doctor because you are experiencing dizziness, sweating and nausea. After a cursory exam, she might send you home with a prescription for flu medication. Unfortunately, these symptoms are also present in an individual suffering a heart attack. In cases like this, the wrong medical opinion can result in death.

The basics of a wrongful death suit

While some Mansfield car accidents end with a few bumps and bruises, others have tragic consequences. When you lose a loved one because of the negligence of another individual, you may be able to take legal action in the form of a wrongful death suit. In many cases, the family of the deceased will file this kind of lawsuit after the close of a criminal trial against the defendant. Even if the criminal court finds the defendant not guilty of a criminal act, you can still file a wrongful death suit.

Is your injury catastrophic?

There are countless injuries a person may suffer, but some are undeniably more severe than others. Catastrophic injuries are those that seriously harm the victim, affecting many or all areas of his or her life.

Truck accidents and their causes

Let's face it, no one wants to get in an accident with a semi-truck. It's like pitting a toy car against a life-size vehicle. The consequences of such an accident are often life-altering if not fatal. You have experienced the tense situation when driving down the highway, a concrete construction barrier just outside your passenger door and a semi-truck passing on your left. You mentally keep your fingers crossed that he or she does not decide to change lanes or has to swerve into your lane in the next few seconds.

Filing an insurance claim: There’s a right way and wrong way

Imagine that another driver rear-ended you on your way from work. First responders arrived and you received medical attention. The police showed up and took statements from witnesses and the other driver. Now, you are back home, your car is in the shop and you are realizing that you do not really like wearing a neck brace. It is time to call the insurance company and report the accident.

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