Helping Families After A Nursing Home Has Failed You

A nursing home is supposed to be there to take care of those who can no longer help themselves. This is not necessarily elders, but also people recovering from surgery whose medical needs are beyond the capability of family members. These are the most vulnerable people around, and when they are the victims of abuse or neglect at the hands of nursing home, they deserve all the help they can get.

The Heck Law Offices, Ltd. has over 50 years of combined experience working with people across Ohio struggling with nursing home abuse, neglect or negligence. You do not need to watch your loved one suffer abuse. You have options.

What Nursing Home Abuse Looks Like

Because those in nursing homes are so vulnerable, and may not be able to communicate that they are being abused, you must be vigilant in looking for signs. There are important signs. Watch out for:

  • Sudden changes in temperament or personality
  • Unexplained bruises or other injuries
  • Frequent reports of your loved one going missing
  • Unsanitary conditions in the facility
  • Bedsores

Some signs are more noticeable than others to be sure, but the end result is the same. Harassment, physical abuse and neglect can cause lasting damage, and you do not have to stand for it.

Your family is important, and we understand that. Protecting them is your top priority, and so it will also be ours. We will help you develop your case all the way. Under the guidance of attorneys Jeff Heck and Jeff Stiffler, our firm takes concrete action, at the appropriate time, to pursue the right results.

We Stand With You

You will have more than enough to deal with finding a new nursing home and dealing with the personal fallout from one of these problems. Contact our offices in Mansfield or Sandusky today by calling 419-524-2700 or using our email form. We offer free consultations in nursing home cases with a lawyer who puts you and your family first.