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Understanding Premises Liability

The basic concept of injury law is that you deserve and are entitled to compensation when you suffer injuries because of someone else’s careless action or negligence. However, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to injuries sustained when they have an injury or incident on someone else’s property. Is it really your neighbor’s fault that their dog bit you? Is it the store’s fault if you tripped over their display?

Heck & Stiffler wants you to understand that the answer to those questions. Very often the answer is yes. Now, what that means from a legal sense is that they have certain obligations to ensure the safety of those on their property, as visitors, customers or otherwise. This concept, called premises liability, can extend beyond your neighbors or store owners, in ways that can be surprising.

You Deserve To Be Safe

The expectation that the places you and your family go should be reasonably free from hidden or not readily observable hazards, means that property owners have certain obligations to make or keep their properties safe. That applies to such places as:

  • Your neighbor’s yard: dogs and other dangerous animals should be kept separated from the public and their walkways and property must be free of dangerous often hidden or not observable hazards such as ditches or sharp objects.
  • Your grocery store: equipment and cleaning supplies must be stored and spills must be cleaned up as soon as possible and clear signs must mark the area in such a way that they or other conditions they create or allow to exist do not cause trips, slips or falls.
  • Hotels and malls: In high-crime areas, security must take measures to warn you or secure the property to decrease the chances of you becoming the victim of a violent crime.

There are many additional situations beyond these examples. The fact is, if you received injuries because the property you were on was in an unsafe condition, you have legal options to seek and recover compensation. Attorneys Jeff Heck and Jeff Stiffler, “Mansfield’s Injury Lawyers,” will speak with you and take over your case so you don’t have to anymore. We do all the work on our end so you can focus fully on your recovery.

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