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What Is Third-Party Liability?

What happens when you are injured at work and that injury was neither your fault or the fault of your employer? Perhaps you were hurt because of a car collision while you were driving on the job. You may have a workers’ compensation claim, but you may also have a separate and distinct injury claim against the third party who caused you the injury. What happens then? How are you supposed to handle an injury like that?

Get the answers to these questions by calling “Mansfield’s Injury Lawyers,” attorneys Jeff Heck and Jeff Stiffler, for your free consultation. We will educate you on the law at work, and remove the burden from your shoulders, doing everything we can to get a strong result for you in a sometimes quite complicated situation.

Examples Of Work Injuries

Third-party injuries are work injuries that are not the fault of either you or your employer. This can be a complex area of law, and it can be confusing, so you want to have an attorney with a long history of working for and with people in this situation to help you get through it the best way possible. We have helped people dealing with such work injuries as:

  • Product liability injuries: These are any injuries at work that were the result of an injury caused by malfunctioning or defective work equipment.
  • Motor vehicle collisions: Whether you drive as part of your job or you were on the road because of an assignment, car crashes cause injuries.
  • Injuries caused by work site visitors: Perhaps a customer, delivery person or unauthorized personnel was responsible for your injury.

Incidents and injuries like these are in a grey area between workers’ compensation and personal injury, and it takes experience and skill to bring about positive resolutions for clients. Our firm has the experience in these areas to help you through it all.

Getting You Answers To Complex Questions

We know that this injury is hard for you, and we do what we can to help ease your burdens as you go forward. Heck & Stiffler puts your recovery and resolution ahead of everything else. No matter where you are in Ohio, contact us to get a free consultation by calling 419-524-2700 or by using this email form.