Personal Injury Attorney

North Central Ohio Lawyer For Injuries, including Medical Malpractice And Wrongful Death

After an injury caused by another's negligence, it is not enough to just learn about your legal options. It is also important to have the advice and counsel of a seasoned attorney who focuses on taking care of all the legal issues so you focus on your recovery. At The Heck Law Offices, Ltd., we are committed to helping clients deal with all of their issues after they suffer an injury. Attorney Jeff Heck is an accomplished trial lawyer who advocates for his clients and provides them with the information they need to start down the road to health, well-being and getting their legal issues solved.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Jeff Heck is a problem solver who strives to recover the compensation people need after an injury, illness or wrongful death. We believe that the strongest claims are built upon the specific facts of each case. At The Heck Law Offices, we'll listen carefully to you and your story to obtain a full picture of your job, family circumstances and short and long term goals. This allows us to develop a legal strategy that protects your rights and seeks the best possible outcome for you and your specific situation.