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The reason for me having to find a lawyer in the first place was devastating however the choice was easy when it came to Jeff Heck and his team. I know he had to have an enormous case load but right away he made me feel as though I was the only and most important client. The team in whole was not only dedicated but beyond encouraging and charismatic. It took three trying years to get my case finalized but during that time I was never let down and am overly pleased with the outcome of my case and their service. A year later and I still think of them, their passion and dedication. I will forever be grateful for Jeff and his team and can assure you that won’t regret your decision when you choose Jeff Heck to represent you.

Ashley W. – Columbus, Ohio

I contacted Heck & Stiffler to handle all the legalities stemming from an accident that took my son’s life. I was referred from a friend.

Jeff and his staff handled everything with the utmost kindness and professionalism. I would definitely recommend Heck & Stiffler It was a relief to know that everything was being taken care of during a stressful, heartbreaking time in my life. Your patience and understanding in dealing with me while under duress was a comfort to the family and also appreciated.

Thank you for all your help and advice.

Deb S. – Ashland, Ohio

I had the opportunity to see Jeff Heck when he handled a case for my father. I was thoroughly impressed as I sat in court and watched Jeff in his element. Not only was he the consummate professional, he was unbelievably prepared and left no stone unturned. I left the courtroom glowing with pride, knowing that we had hired only the best. Jeff Heck receives my highest recommendation without reservation!

Cinde C. – Mansfield, Ohio

Jeff Heck is one of the most competent and knowledgeable attorneys in his field. I was extremely pleased with how I was represented. Jeff and his entire staff are a pleasure to work with. I always knew that Jeff had my best interests at heart and that I could trust him implicitly. I would highly recommend Jeff Heck to anyone who is in need of a dedicated, sincere, intelligent and trustworthy attorney.

Larry K. – Mansfield, Ohio

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, likable, and reasonable. His expertise and negotiation skills have saved me thousands of dollars over the years. I recommend him without reservation.

Harold Ballitch, M.D. – Mansfield, Ohio

I had been a victim of a horrific dog attack which left me severely injured and unable to work. Jeff and his staff not only helped me with my legal matter, they helped me through a very trying time. Jeff quickly resolved my law suit and I was very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Heck & Stiffler, for your legal matters. Thank you again Jeff and staff for going above and beyond!

Stacie S. – Mansfield, Ohio

My husband and I own our own business. Much to our total shock and dismay we found out an employee was embezzling from our business. We were devastated! A friend referred us to Mr. Heck. Our first meeting with Mr. Heck convinced us immediately that he was the lawyer for our situation. His charisma, caring heart and total concern was felt immediately! The whole process was emotionally draining but he was there every step of the way. We have nothing but total respect and admiration for Mr. Heck. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Mr. Heck. You can trust him and know that he is looking out for your best interest!

Kerry H. – Fredericktown, Ohio

Over a decade ago when I first was looking for legal advice and help with a very serious auto accident, I knew Jeff was there to ensure my good. After a few visits with Jeff, I knew he was honest, reliable and the person I would and could depend on before, during and after my case. Even still, in practice or just when I want an opinion, I trust the advice Jeff gives me or suggests because it is in line with the advise my dad, mom, or anyone who cares about me would give. Thank you, Jeff. You will always be a friend, and continue to be the man that is there for the better good of others.

Ryan M. – Las Vegas, Nevada

We bought a new car which was plagued with problems. After repeated failed attempts with the dealer and manufacturer to resolve these issues, I called Attorney Heck. After he intervened, we were immediately contacted by the manufacturer and given the choice of a new vehicle or a full refund. We could not believe how quickly the issues were resolved to our total satisfaction with and directly due to Attorney Heck’s assistance.

Jim B. – Mansfield, Ohio

Jeff, thank you for the fine job you did on my injury claim caused by a hit and run crash that flipped and totaled the car I was driving. I hope nothing like that happens again but, if it does, I’ll definitely use you again. I will also recommend you to someone needing your skills.

Bill H. – Mansfield, Ohio

Receiving a Summons and Complaint by certified mail ruins the year, at the very least. I made the best of the situation by calling Heck & Stiffler Jeff was on my case right away. He kept me advised of the case developments. The matter was dismissed in months. His representation was very professional. He handles himself well in the courtroom. His fee was reasonable. I heartily recommend him for any matter involving litigation.

William F. – Mansfield, Ohio

I had a wonderful experience with Heck & Stiffler Jeff really takes the time to listen to you, and does everything he can to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome. I always got my questions answered … and never had to wait too long for a return call or email. If I ever find myself needing an attorney again, I will definitely use Jeff Heck!

Sarah S. – Shelby, Ohio

Jeff is an excellent litigator and legal representative of our company and many of our business clients He is very bright, and capable of quickly getting to the bottom of complex issues. I think of Jeff Heck when I need legal advice, especially if litigation is possible.

Daniel H. – Mansfield , Ohio

Jeff is an extremely competent attorney. He is able to negotiate with diverse parties and come to satisfactory outcomes. If I needed an Attorney, I would immediately think of Jeff Heck.

Lydia Reid – Former Mayor of Mansfield, Ohio

Jeff is very thorough and responds quickly to issues that we have. As a client, his service provides us with a clear understanding of what needs to be and what we could probably see as the outcome of our issues. He is a person that we trust and can count on his knowledge and expertise.

Sharon E. – Shelby, Ohio

Jeff has done great work for us and our clients. He takes to time to ask the right questions up front to assure our expectations are met. Excellent technical skills. His effectiveness is enhanced by some very good contacts. It is very easy for me to recommend Jeff.

David S. – Mansfield , Ohio

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Heck & Stiffler As a client of Jeff Heck’s, I had the privilege of working with him for over three years and seeing his professionalism and competence.

I researched his firm while interviewing 10 attorneys, since then I found working with Heck & Stiffler, I have been very pleased with the preparation of cases for depositions, hearings and trials. In addition, Mr. Heck has completed and assisted with investigative work on other high-profile cases in Ohio and out of state. He has handled our case with confidence and integrity.

Mr. Heck has also demonstrated tremendous expertise with legal research and writing projects. His exceptional research skills and ability to write compelling arguments have been extremely valuable to my case.

I am extremely pleased with his work along with the staff of Heck & Stiffler

Betty W. – Mansfield, Ohio

I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. Attorney Heck represented me against two separate parties that were at fault in the accident. Attorney Heck was able to reach a very generous settlement which completely compensated me for my injuries and emotional distress. Attorney Heck and his staff are great people to work with. I would highly recommend them for representation in any personal injury claims.

Larry K. – Lexington, Ohio