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How To File An Insurance Claim

In personal injury law, we always talk about filing an insurance claim, but no one ever explains exactly how that process should go. At Heck & Stiffler, we want you to be prepared for submitting your claim to the insurance company with these important tips to help guide you.

Do It Promptly

With your injury and everything you have been through, you will want to get that process started as soon as possible. The earlier you file your insurance claim, the sooner the process can begin in earnest, whether that means a resolution or, ultimately, a transition to litigation.

Provide The Full Appropriate Information

When you submit your claim, provide your insurer with all the information they will need to understand what has happened. Tell them about the incident. Tell them about the damages to your car. Tell them about your injuries. It all builds a narrative around your collision or incident, something that people can follow and understand if it needs to be litigated.

Follow Up

Call your own insurance carrier about your injuries or your property damages. Get the answers to medical bill problems. Get your doctor’s notes and any records you can about your care. Everything that has happened to you is relevant, and by knowing where you are, you can guide your future.

Be Cautious When Signing

At some point, if you try to handle your client yourself without an attorney, you may receive an offer. It will include a release of all claims that will extinguish any claims and rights you have forever if you accept the offer and sign their documents. So be clear — you do not have to sign anything if you do not want to or if you are not completely recovered from your injuries or if you do not feel what has been offered to you is fair. You can, and should, look at every document you must sign with suspicion until you can verify it.

Get Your Questions Answered

Our strong advice — before you do anything, call a knowledgeable and experienced local personal injury attorney to help you with your claim. The insurance company has a tremendous amount of experience in handling claims and, most likely, you do not. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage in trying to handle and resolve your injury claim yourself without expert guidance.

Attorneys Jeff Heck  and Jeff Stiffler are “Mansfield’s Injury Lawyers.” They have been doing exactly this kind of work in Ohio for over 50 years combined and have the legal knowledge to answer your concerns and questions. They can give you the help, guidance and advice you need to get truly fair and just compensation for your claim and your injuries. Your rights are too important to leave to chance.

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