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$2,607,244 – Medical malpractice case involving surgical error and resulting severe injury

$1,904,792.99 – Bicyclist severely injured when hit by car

$1,827,732.14 – Driver severely injured and lost leg when hit by another driver in head on collision

$1,300,000 – Woman severely injured in fall and later died due to a defect in rental home

$900,000 – Pedestrian severely injured when hit by pickup in school parking lot

$751,000 – Visitor at party struck in eye by BB shot

$600,000 – Bar overserved couple later killed in drunk driving accident

$480,000 – Pedestrian severely injured struck by vehicle in crosswalk

$400,000 – Driver of disabled vehicle severely injured when struck by semi-truck

$400,000 – Medical malpractice case involving delayed diagnosis of cancer

$320,000 – Homeowner severely injured when stuck by falling construction debris

$315,000 – Death of 8-year-old girl in multi death vehicle collision

$302,000 – 8-year-old stuck in eye by rock thrown by lawnmower

$300,000 – Passenger in vehicle injured when struck by truck

$260,000 – Motorcyclist injured when stuck by vehicle