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Ohio brain damage victim wins medical malpractice suit

A jury in Ohio has just awarded the victim of medical malpractice over $11 million.

It took two weeks to hear the full case against the doctor that treated the child's mother during her pregnancy. The child, now 16 years old, has brain damage that resulted from a mishandled delivery. He has severe cognitive and social impairments that will affect his ability to hold a job or maintain social relationships far into the future.

Spring driving safety tips

Whether you're ready for the crazy weather in an Ohio spring or not, it's already here in much of the state -- where weather in February and March can go from winter white one day to warm rain, strong winds and even hail the next.

That means drivers need to be particularly wary on the roads right now, especially if they commute any distance. Forty minutes on the highway either north or south can make a huge difference in the type of weather you see, even on the same day. Here's how to play it safe:

Delayed abdomen pain after a car accident?

Many car accidents cause more severe injuries than a victim may realize in the moment. Typically, a victim may experience a car accident and believe that he or she got away with only slight bruises or abrasions, only to feel pain hours or days later.

This experience is very common. The legal and medical communities refer to these kinds of injuries collectively as delayed pain injuries, but the injuries themselves may range from relatively minor to potentially life-threatening.

What can you do to avoid a hospital-acquired infection?

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are in the news a lot today -- so much so that it seems like there's a lot of safer places you can choose to go than a hospital.

If you need surgery, have an accident or are suffering a serious illness, however, a hospital's the only choice. At that point, you need to do everything you can to make your stay a safe one. Given that one out of every 25 patients may have an HAI, and HAIs too often lead to wrongful deaths, that's no easy task.

Do anti-phone laws actually work?

There's more evidence than ever that cellphones and driving are two things that shouldn't go together.

As a result of the problems with distracted driving, there are lots of state and local ordinances out there prohibiting the use of cellphones while behind the wheel.

The mysterious world of the auto insurance claims

For most consumers, what happens on the insurance side of the fence after an auto accident is a total mystery. For that matter, what they need to do themselves immediately in the aftermath of an accident can also be confusing.

Experts say that most consumers only have to deal with a claim about every eight years or so. That's not often enough for most people to remember what to do and what happens next. Here's some information that can help.

Car accidents often cause delayed-onset injuries

Biologically speaking, our human bodies are still very poorly equipped to survive serious body trauma. Unfortunately for many drivers and passengers, car accidents are much more violent experiences than they may realize at the moment. Even when modern safety features are present in a vehicle and the passengers are using them correctly, serious injury is possible in nearly any kind of car accident.

Unfortunately for many car accident victims who think they might get away from the accident without serious injury, delayed onset injuries do not cause pain until hours or even days after the crash occurs. If you begin feeling any kind of unusual pain or discomfort after a car accident, do not hesitate to seek professional medical care.

Small injuries can become catastrophic if infection settles in

Could a stubbed toe lead to an amputated leg? What about a skinned knee? If you get scratched by a neighbor's cat, could you lose your fingers, hand or arm as a result?

Actually, yes -- you could. It isn't the injury itself that's so dangerous because they're all arguably very mild. The problem sets in when a physician fails to take the wound seriously or misses the early signs of infection and fails to prescribe antibiotics that keep the condition from going catastrophic.

Drunk drivers put you and your family at risk on the roads

There are risks inherent to driving or riding in a motor vehicle, such as the potential for sudden mechanical failure or the potential for a serious collision or crash. When other drivers sharing the road with you make poor decisions, such as driving while impaired or indulging in distractions while at the wheel, the potential for serious injury or death in a vehicle increases.

In 2017, drunk drivers caused 1,172 deaths. That is an increase of about 4 percent, despite the fact that there were roughly 8 percent more traffic enforcement actions targeting those suspected of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI). This increase means that you and your loved ones may be at greater risk for a crash with drunk drivers now than you were a year or more ago.

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