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Know what to do when you are in a car wreck in Ohio

Anxiety and stress are common after a car crash. These are virtually impossible for you to prepare for ahead of time. It is a good idea to think about what you are going to do if you are in a crash before you are even involved in one. This can give you the background to know what needs to be done.

There are several things to think about if you are ever hit by another vehicle. Your plan should encompass what to do at the scene and what you must do afterwards. Here are some important points to remember:

Knowledge of common birth injuries causes can be power

It's the last thing you want to think about when expecting a child, but birth injuries do happen. In fact, they occur at the rate of three per hour, in the U.S. Although many injuries are unavoidable, it's not always the case. While the onus is on the physician, it's helpful for expecting parents to know how the most common injuries occur before their baby is born.

Can your job survive your mild brain injury?

After any blow to the head, it is always wise to consider whether or not you received a mild brain injury. If a mild bring injury remains undiagnosed, it can create surprisingly destructive symptoms that may destroy a victim's personal and professional life completely before the victim or those around him or her realize what is happening.

In part, this is due to the nature of the injury. A brain injury, especially a mild one, is not visible to the victim or others. Also, brain injuries may not affect victims in predictable ways. Instead, the injuries may cause physical symptoms or personality changes that victims do not recognize. These symptoms often strain the victims' personal and professional relationships, and in some cases, those relationships may never recover.

Wrongful death and prescription drugs: What you should know

Prescription drug abuse and misuse is a big problem. You only have to watch the news to realize that there's a national concern among government officials, medical professionals and individual communities about the epidemic of prescription drug addictions and deaths that they're seeing.

Who is responsible when someone dies of a prescription drug overdose? Under the law, the answer is not very simple. Here are some possibilities:

How can you protect yourself from emergency room errors?

Ending up in a hospital's emergency room is never a great experience -- but there's an extra layer of stress added on top of the situation because you're forced into getting your care from an unfamiliar doctor. On top of that, emergency room doctors are often less-experienced than those in private practice -- and may be running on fumes in the middle of a long shift on the floor.

All of those factors can lead to medical mistakes, including a missed or incorrect diagnosis. According to reports, around 100,000 people die in the United States each year due to preventable hospital errors. How do you avoid being one of them? Follow these tips:

Been in a car accident? Watch for hidden injuries

The immediate aftermath of any type of car accident is almost always traumatic -- and overwhelming. It's often hard to think straight and the adrenaline in your body can actually override pain sensations, making it hard to even know if you're injured or not.

On top of that, some injuries have a knack for not being obvious at first. That's why anyone who has recently been in a car accident needs to be conscious of the possibility of "hidden" injuries that they or their family members may have.

Why is driving in the summer so dangerous?

Summer brings fair weather and vacations -- so it's no surprise that lots of people head out on the road in their cars. Apparently, it's also the season for distracted driving.

According to statistics, there's a spike in car accident deaths every year from June through August. The increase is an eye-popping 29 percent above the number of accident deaths from December through February.

How do doctors diagnose a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) isn't always easy for doctors to diagnose. In fact, it's not uncommon for a car accident victim with a serious brain injury to go home after an accident because the doctor failed to detect the signs of a TBI.

A delayed TBI diagnosis is especially problematic because victims need to receive specific medical treatment as soon as possible to prevent the worsening of their symptoms. Also, victims need a diagnosis to support any legal claims for damages that may arise from the accident.

Ohio family sues state over wrongful death at convict's hands

The murder of an Ohio State psychology major at the hands of a previously convicted sex offender and the subsequent trial captured the attention of most of the state in 2017.

Now, the young woman's parents have initiated a lawsuit for her wrongful death. They say the state failed to correctly monitor the man convicted of her death while he was in a pre-release residential facility after his previous conviction for attempted rape.

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