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How victims can get the help they need with whiplash injuries

Many victims of car accidents need help with whiplash injuries which is one of the most common types of injuries suffered in a car accident. Whiplash injuries are serious injuries that can be debilitating for the victim and difficult to treat. They can also worsen over time and can result in piles of medical bills for victims who are unable to work because of their injuries. Fortunately, personal injury legal options can help protect victims.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents can suffer a range of serious injuries and whiplash injuries are one type of injury that occurs when the victim's head is jolted back and forth during a car accident. Whiplash injuries can happen even at low speeds and are considered a type of soft tissue injury car accident victims may suffer. Whiplash injuries impact the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments in the neck. Car accident victims may sometimes walk away from a car accident not immediately knowing how bad they are hurt.

Legal options when a loved one is killed by medical malpractice

In some instances, medical malpractice results in injuries and other types of harm to the victim but in others it can result in death. As a result, it is important for surviving family members of victims of medical malpractice to understand how wrongful death legal protections work when a loved one has been wrongfully killed because of medical malpractice.

Wrongful death legal protections may be available to surviving family members when their loved one has been killed due to the negligent actions of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional. It is considered medical malpractice when a medical care professional provides medical treatment and care that falls below the standard of care. When a loved one has died because of a medical error, wrongful death legal protections can help surviving family members with their financial and emotional damages.

Spinal cord injuries and the horizons for recovery

A spinal cord injury can come from a variety of incidents, including things like automobile crashes and slip-and-fall accidents. When this type of catastrophic injury occurs, there is a plethora of information given in the initial days that can be very difficult to retain and process.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury or have a loved one who did, the medical care team is a good source of information. There are some points that are universal but many are individualized according to the situation.

Personal injury claim timelines

Personal injury claims for damages are an important legal resource in the arsenal of an injured victim. Because of the importance of a personal injury claim for damages and its ability to help victims, it is also essential for victims to be familiar with the important timelines associated with making a claim for damages.

Regardless of if the claim for damages is a personal injury claim for damages following a car accident or a medical malpractice claim for damages, there are statutes of limitation associated with bringing a claim for damages. Statutes of limitation limit the amount of time a victim has to bring a claim against the negligent parties responsible for the injuries and harm they have suffered. Statutes of limitation vary by type of claim and can also vary by state so it is important for victims and their families to be familiar with any relevant statute of limitation that applies to their claim.

Legal protections for victims of distracted drivers

Distracted driving is dangerous behavior on the roadways and can lead to serious car accidents, injuries and even fatalities. During 2015, approximately 391,000 victims suffered injuries in distracted driving-related car accidents in the United States. Distracted driving can cause serious harm to victims and their families.

Personal injury legal protections can help victims injured in a car accident when a driver is driving distracted. When a victim has been unexpectedly and seriously injured by a distracted driver, they may face challenges they were not prepared to have to deal with. They may require costly medical treatment and care and have to take time away from work while they recover. A personal injury claim for damages can help with all of this by allowing victims of distracted drivers to pursue a claim for their physical, financial and emotional damages.

Unsafe consumer cabinets recalled due to tip-over hazard

It is important for consumers to be familiar with the different layers of protections to help keep them safe and protect them when they have been harmed by a dangerous or defective product. Approximately 520 corner cabinet units were recently recalled due to tip-over and other hazards. The recalled cabinets weigh approximately 40 pounds and stand a little over 6 feet tall. Consumers can have the units picked up and receive a refund. The tip-over hazard associated with the cabinets can result in death or serious injuries to children, if the cabinets are not properly anchored.

The manufacturer of the cabinets has received one report of a tip-over incident injuring a child. Generally, tip-over hazards associated with heavy furniture are a significant product safety concern for children which is why products liability law is available to help victims. Products liability protections can hold manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers of a dangerous or defective product liable for the injuries and harm suffered by victims because of an unsafe product.

Wrongful death protections for medical malpractice

A medical malpractice claim can help victims of medical malpractice and their families recover compensation for their financial and emotional damages. A medical malpractice wrongful death claim for damages can help surviving family members when a loved one has been wrongfully killed by a medical error.

A medical malpractice claim may be brought when a doctor, nurse, hospital or other medical care professional has provided medical care and treatment that falls below the standard of care. When medical care and treatment that falls below the standard of care results in the death of the victim, a medical malpractice wrongful death claim for damages may be brought on behalf of the lost loved one's estate for the benefit of surviving family members.

Mansfield car accident injures 2

Legal protections are available to car accident victims suffering with the harm caused by a car accident. A recent car accident in Mansfield left two victims injured and sent them both to the hospital with injuries.

In addition to the personal injuries caused to the victims, the car accident resulted in heavy damage to both vehicles involved in the accident and one of the vehicles struck a light pole. Both victims were taken to local hospitals to receive medical care and treatment for their injuries suffered in the car accident.

What are manufacturer duties to warn?

When a dangerous or defective product poses a harm to consumers, manufacturers of the dangerous or defective products may have duties to warn and other types of liability. Products liability law provides important protections for injured consumers who have suffered harm because of a dangerous or defective product.

In general, manufacturers must include certain information in warning labels. Manufacturers must warn consumers of hidden dangers of the product and must also instruct users so that they can use the product in a manner that avoids any dangers and allows for product safety. Warnings are required when the product presents a danger, when the manufacturer is aware of the danger, when the danger is present if the product is reasonably used as intended and when the danger is no obvious to a reasonable user.

What to do after suffering medical malpractice

Victims of medical malpractice and their families may wonder what to do after suffering medical malpractice. It is important for them to understand the steps to take and the legal protections available to them.

When a victim has suffered harm or an injury as a result of medical care or treatment they received or because of a misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failed diagnosis, it is important they are familiar with he ways they are protected through a medical malpractice claim for damages. It can be helpful, in some instances, for the victim to contact the doctor or medical care professional. It can also be beneficial for the victim to contact the local medical licensing board.

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