Premises Liability

2 serious injuries people can suffer after a slip-and-fall 

Of all the kinds of accidents you can suffer, a slip-and-fall may be the most misunderstood. People slipping and falling has long been a visual punch line in television and films, so a surprising number of people don't understand that slip-and-falls can result in severe, even life-altering injuries. Every year, millions of Americans slip on dirty or wet floors and fall. A portion of those people will suffer serious injuries. What are two of the more common serious injuries people can suffer if they slip and fall? Fractured or broken bones Broken bones or fractures are a risk any time someone...

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Negligent or inadequate security can lead to an injury

When people think about premises liability, they often envision someone slipping on a patch of water or falling down some stairs. While these are two examples of possible premises liability, they are not the only way preventable property injuries occur. Public locations such as hospitals, hotels and college campuses often have unforeseen security hazards that could injure residents of Mansfield, Ohio. Learning about these possible hazards may help you avoid an injury in dangerous situations. What are some examples of negligent security? When a premise has proper security measures in place,...

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What you should know about the dangers playgrounds pose

Playgrounds are a place where children can laugh and play together -- but they're also fraught with danger. Data published by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors captures how emergency room doctors see at least 200,000 children who suffer playground injuries each year.  There are some trends as to who and how children end up getting hurt on playgrounds. As a parent, you may want to study those so that you'll know to pay extra close attention to your child while on a playground.  Which kids are most vulnerable to suffering playground injuries? There's almost a 50-50...

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Did you know that you can sue your Ohio landlord for an apartment complex injury?

Prospective tenants often visit and assess the potential apartment units and the surrounding communities before committing to any option. They often commit to a property only if it seems well-maintained and safe -- yet looks can easily deceive. Rental companies and landlords often put their best foot forward, not wanting to show the flaws that lurk underneath. You may find some solace in knowing that you may be able to hold a landlord who fails to protect your safety accountable for their actions if you get hurt.  Your landlord's obligation to protect your safety Many savvy renters know that...

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How can I avoid the liability of children getting hurt by my horses?

Anyone who has been around small children knows how impulsive, curious and fearless they can be. A small child does not understand concepts such as trespassing, and they often can’t read “no trespassing” signs. If a child sees something interesting on your property, they’re likely to walk right in and play with it, totally unaware of the potential dangers it presents. Unfortunately for property owners, including horse owners, the law is designed to put the responsibility on you if a child is injured on your property – unless you take specific steps to prevent it. Can my horse be a legal...

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