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2 common trip-and-fall hazards in modern retail shops

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Premises Liability

Any business that opens its doors to the public has some degree of liability. If people get hurt while shopping, they might pursue a premises liability claim. Most retail establishments carry insurance for such situations, but premises liability claims often result from situations involving negligence. Understaffing and improper facility maintenance can easily contribute to someone getting hurt at a shop.  

Sometimes, people slip on a spill and get hurt at a business. People can also experience a trip-and-fall accident. Tripping and then hitting one’s head or breaking a bone is more common than people realize. There are two common tripping hazards that lead to injuries frequently in retail spaces across the United States.

Rugs, especially near entranceways

Having rugs by the front entrance of a retail shop is a smart decision. Those rugs allow people to brush off the dirt that they might otherwise track in the store and also serve to collect water brought in from outside during weather events. 

However, when the rugs become saturated or when they are loose, they can be a significant tripping hazard. Businesses need to regularly inspect, clean and secure their rugs to minimize tripping hazards. 

Unsecured electrical cords

Needing a temporary electrical supply is a common issue in retail environments. Everything from electronic merchandise and displays to refrigeration units will require power. Cords not secured under special floor mats or along the wall are tripping hazards, as people can tangle their feet in the cords and end up falling. 

Given that these are known hazards, businesses should make an effort to avoid such tripping hazards. Pursuing a premises liability claim could be possible if someone trips and gets hurt in a shop.